Engineering Control Solutions

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2023-07-04 10:54

Control engineering (Control Engineering) is a comprehensive engineering technology that deals with various engineering implementation problems of automatic control systems. Including the requirements for the automatic control system (that is, specified indicators), design, construction, operation, analysis, inspection and other processes. It was developed on the basis of electrical engineering and mechanical engineering.


Control engineering generally uses the frequency domain method (using the frequency domain description transfer function of the external input-output relationship of the system as the basis for analysis and design) and the state space method (a method for analyzing and synthesizing control systems based on the description of state variables). Its theory and processing methods involve many aspects, from linear control to nonlinear control, from univariate control to multivariate control, from continuous control to sampling control, from constant control to random control, from general feedback control to adaptive control. In general, electronic computers are the core of large-scale control engineering. In the early days, the application scope of control engineering was mainly industrial production processes (such as chemical, metallurgy, electrical, textile, etc.) and weapon systems (such as conventional weapons such as guns, as well as rockets, missiles, etc.), and later extended to enterprise management, urban planning, traffic control, biological control, social and economic planning and control and other fields.

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