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Universal thick film resistor (CR series)

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    • Commodity name: Universal thick film resistor (CR series)
    • Commodity ID: 1122612421362077696

    General thick film resistance, resistance value 1ohm to100Mohm, size 01005~2512, high power, low TCR optional. Special long termination provides high power. Low TC50 and high power are available in standard sizes. These rectangular resistors are highly stable for any electronic application.

    Derating curve

    : This specification applies to rectangular fixed chip resistors of various sizes based on ruthenium-based.

    - Small size, light
    weight - Highly reliable multilayer electrode construction
    - Compatible with all welding processes
    - Long side termination

    - Telecommunications equipment
    - radios and tape recorders, TV regulators - digital cameras, watches, calculators

    - computers, instruments
    - Medical and military equipment


    Standard electrical specification
    type/size Rated power/current@70°C Maximum operating/overload voltage Resistance range Temperature coefficient PPM/°C
    CR-E5(01005) 1/32W 0.5A 15V / 30V 1 ohm-1 Mohm ±300
    CR-01(0201) 1/20W 1A 25V / 50V 1 ohm-10 Mohm ±200
    CR-02(0402) 1/16W 1A 50V / 100V 1 ohm-100 Mohm ±100/200/400
    CR-03(0603) 1/10W 1A 75V / 150V 1 ohm-100 Mohm ±100/200/400
    CR-05(0805) 1/8W 2A 150V / 300V 1 ohm-100 Mohm ±100/200/400
    CR-06(1206) 1/4W 2A 200V / 400V 1 ohm-100 Mohm ±100/200/400
    CR-10(1210) 1/3W 2.5A 200V / 400V 1 ohm-39 Mohm ±100/200/400
    CR-0A(2010) 1/3/4W 3.5A 200V / 400V 1 ohm-100 Mohm ±100/200/400
    CR-12(2512) 1W 4A 250V / 500V 1 ohm-100 Mohm ±100/200/400 CR-25(1225) 2W 10A 200V / 400V 10 ohm-20 Kohm ±100/200/400

    CR-62(0612) 3/4W 200V / 400V 1 ohm-1 Mohm ±100/200/400Suitable
    temperature -55°C to +155°C

    CR-12FL4-100R CR-12FL4-1R2
    in stock!

    For more parameters of special electrical specifications
    , please refer to the < details in the >!


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