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Thick film array chip resistors (CN, CNA series)

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    • Commodity name: Thick film array chip resistors (CN, CNA series)
    • Commodity ID: 1122612312763158528

    The most common 0603 and 0402 sizes offer concave or convex terminations. The 0201 size is a low profile design for high reliability of 4P2R or 8P4R. A chip resistor array (network) is a single packaged device containing a network of homogeneous resistor elements. When multiple identical resistors are applied in a layout, R-arrays (R-networks) are often used for convenience and cost or space savings.

    Derating curve

    : This specification applies to all sizes of rectangular fixed chip resistors made of ruthenium.

    small size and light weight.
    Reduce assembly cost and match with placement machine.
    Reliability, high quality.
    Suitable for infrared reflow soldering.

    : Entertainment
    , computer and related products
    , communication equipment, power equipment

    , measuring instruments

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