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Electric influenza chip resistor (CS series)

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    • Commodity name: Electric influenza chip resistor (CS series)
    • Commodity ID: 1122612309902643200

    Thick film current sensing, high grade specifications, low TC 100ppm, 1% tight tolerance, size from 0201~2512, resistance range 1m~1R.
    Extra power, 1225 sizes up to 3W, long termination for enhanced power capability. High reliability current sense resistors.

    Derating curve

    1 watt size, 1225 watt power rating in a 3 package.
    LOW TCR ± 100 PPM/°C.
    Resistance values range from 1m to 1 ohm.
    High purity alumina substrates for high power dissipation.
    Long-side terminations with higher power ratings.
    RoHS compliance.

    : Power Management: Overcurrent Protection
    Regulator Module (VRM)
    in Switching
    Power Supplies
    , Audio ApplicationsDC-DC converter, battery pack, charger, adapter
    disk driver

    CS12FTFR300 in stock!
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