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Ultra low ohm (metal strip) chip resistor (LR series)

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    • Commodity name: Ultra low ohm (metal strip) chip resistor (LR series)
    • Commodity ID: 1122612296350846976

    LR High Power 2512 3W, 1206 1W, Surface Mount Power Metal Strip Resistors. The resistance range is 0.5m-10mohm, and the Lot TC is 50ppm.
    Metal strip low ohmic resistor for inducing high currents and high temperature resistance. Low TCR for stable resistance drift at high temperatures. Withstands high temperature performance up to 170/°C.
    Metal bar resistors provide 5x the rated power for shorter times and higher reliability. Excellent space-saving solution for high power rather than thick film, cost-effective in the market.

    Derating curve

    power ratings up to 3 watts.
    TCR AS LOW AS ±50 PPM/°C.
    Resistance values from 0.5m to 10m ohms.
    Customizable resistors.
    Wide range of package sizes 1206 / 2010 / 2512.
    AEC-Q200 compliant (LR12 black only).

    NB (for power management), MB (for power management),

    SWPS (DC-DC converter, charger, adapter).
    Monitor (for power management)


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