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Precision resistance SMR series

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    • Commodity name: Precision resistance SMR series
    • Commodity ID: 1122612265203945472

    65 W continuous power
    at 5°C65 W permanent power
    at 5°C•Continuous current up to 22 A (10 mOhm)
    Continuous current loads up to 22 A (10 mOhm)
    • Very high pulse load capacity

    , high pulse power ratings• Component assembly: reflow, IR and wave installation
    : reflow, IR and wave soldering


    Applications, applications • Measuring the resistance
    of hybrid vehicles for current sensors
    for hybrid applications
    • Control units in automotive technology
    Control systems
    for the automotive market • Power modules, power modules

    , switching power supplies
    Switch-mode power supply


    SMR-1R00-1.0 SMR-4R70-1.0 SMR-R015-1.0

    SMR-R022-1.0 In stock!
    For more parameters, please see < details in the >!


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