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    • Commodity name: BVE Series
    • Commodity ID: 1122612803450589184

    - Constant power up to 15W
    - Very low resistance value
    - Ideal for mounting on DCB/IMS substrates
    - Standard pad size
    - High energy electron beam welded composites


    Advantages / Features
    - Two-terminal connection
    - Can withstand 30 seconds + 350°C welding high temperature
    - High power
    - Excellent long-term stability


    Technical parameter
    resistance range: 0.1 mOhm-2 mOhm
    accuracy: 1% / 5%
    temperature coefficient: minimum 50ppm/k (20°C-60°C)
    Applicable temperature: -55°C to +170°C
    Rated power (100°C): Maximum 10W Rated power (70°C): Maximum 15W

    thermal internal resistance: Minimum 3K/W
    Inductance value: <3nH<b0> Stability (rated load) Deviation: <5.2000% after 90h (TK=1°C) (TK=Terminal temperature)<b0><2000.120% after 001h( TK=1°C)<b0>
    BVE-A-R0001-5.0 BVE-Z-R0001-5.0

    BVE-Z-R<>-<>.<> In stock!
    For more parameters, please see < details in the >!


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