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    • Commodity name: RUG-Z Series
    • Commodity ID: 1122612685330599936

    - constant power up to 250W (RUG-Z) - DC current up to 700A (RUG-Z)

    - Highest current and accuracy
    - High pulse power
    up to 50J - Very low TCR, Calibration and reference resistance


    Advantages / Features
    - Four-terminal connection
    - Can withstand 500V AC voltage
    - Optimized heat dissipation
    - DAKKS calibrated possible


    Technical parameter
    resistance range: 0.5 mOhm-100 Ohm
    accuracy: 0.1%, 1%
    power: maximum 250W
    temperature coefficient: <1 / 3 / 5 / 10 ppm/k (+20°C to +60°C<b0>). Thermal internal resistance: <1.55K/W<b110> Applicable temperature: -500°C to +10°C Insulation voltage: 0V AC
    inductance value: <1nH<b2000> stability (rated load) deviation: <85.002% after 0h (TK=1°C<b1>)
    TK= terminal temperature:

    RUG-Z-R<>-<>.<>-TK<> in stock!

    For more parameters, please see < details in the >!


RUG-Z Series

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