• RAST 5.0连接器M5038 180 出线.jpg

RAST 5.0 connector M5038 180 outlet

RAST 5.0 connector M5038 180 outlet

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    • Commodity name: RAST 5.0 connector M5038 180 outlet

    RAST 5.0 connector M5038 180 outlet

    Advantages of IDC Puncture:

    1. When crimping IDC, the moment of puncture will remove the oxide on the surface of the wire and terminal, so that the contact between conductors is good

    2. IDC puncture production, can be a single color production processing, reduce the inventory and purchase of multi-color wire, convenient material management. Machining production or 1 crimp, 2 crimping to complete the harness. Avoid the wrong generation of each corresponding line hole and the wrong electrical signal given.

    3. IDC puncture has been used so far, has been optimized to the pre-installation factory direct finished wire harness assembly, a variety of foolproof and card design to minimize the dependence on skilled technicians to assemble finished products, according to the product structure can assemble finished products, semi-finished products, reduce costs.

    4. At the beginning of the design, IDC puncture has been considered for subsequent global wide application, that is, all hardware parts have been pre-assembled in the plastic body, to avoid collision and extrusion in local and international transportation, resulting in damage and destruction of IDC connectors, and reducing transportation losses.


    Product application areas:

    1. Computer industry: desktop, notebook, tablet, server, etc

    2. Office equipment: copiers, printers, scanners, fax machines, etc

    3. Communication: video phone, public telephone, optical fiber crimping, etc

    4. Financial business: ATM machine, POS machine, penless signature recorder, etc

    5. Home appliance industry: wall-hung stove, barbecue stove, washing machine, dishwasher, vacuum cleaner, treadmill, smart water meter, smart meter, coffee machine, etc

    6. Automotive industry: steering electronic control, seat electronic control, audio, lights, EPS, OPS, etc


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