• HRB 2.0mm防水电源接插件 双排M20036R弯针 M20036直针(1).jpg

HRB 2.0mm waterproof power connector double row M20036R bent pin M20036 straight pin

Waterproof performance
Including sealing ring
Durable rubber seal
Double spring structure
Housing to terminal lock
Inner shell lock
Wire range: AWG # 22-26

  • 产品描述
    • Commodity name: HRB 2.0mm waterproof power connector double row M20036R bent pin M20036 straight pin

    Waterproof performance<br/> Including sealing ring<br/> Durable rubber seal<br/> Double spring structure<br/> Housing to terminal lock<br/> Inner shell lock<br/> Wire range: AWG # 22-26<br/>

    Most waterproof connectors are large in size, difficult to handle and expensive in a production environment. Meeting customer demand for small, waterproof connectors that are easy to operate and cost-effective has long been a challenge.

    Wire-to-board waterproof electrical connectors meet the needs of small waterproof connectors. It is IP60529 waterproof according to IEC 67. It comes in 2.0mm pitch (contact contact) and 4.0mm line spacing for double-row versions. The overall size when wiring is only 30.2mm, and the wire-to-wire series is 21.0m for the PCB version.


    Wire-to-board waterproof connectors are available in 2, 3 and 4 positions, providing a similar cost-effective solution by using phosphor bronze tinned socket contacts. Like the wire-to-wire version, the wire-to-plate contact system has a 3 amp rating and can handle 24-22AWG lines. Joints with shrouds feature tinned copper alloy contacts to provide vertical or top entry, styled and designed for general use and with resignation coated ("encapsulated") PC boards. The plug is also designed to accept wires through this connector socket for maximum flexibility.


    Fields of application:

    Electric vehicle

    Electric motorcycle

    The car camera has built-in waterproofing

    The car battery has a built-in waterproof function

    Outdoor waterproof applications


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